Reading Time

IMG-20180328-WA0000Reading time is at school. It was a little bit exciting but l did it. My friends and teachers liked and enjoyed the book. The book’s name is ‘cok sinirliyim’. It means ‘l am so angry’. Here l am almost 5 years old at kindergarden.


Canakkale, the battle of Canakkale

I am so happy because all my family were here. We saw every detail of the war. You must go and see there. Çanakkale” has a very important meaning for Turks. It was the place where the army fought against a mighty multinational force supported by the strongest navy of the time and managed to stop the enemy and prevent them from invading the Turkish homeland. The size of the loss makes the importance of the campaign even bigger. Turks  around 250,000 men in casualties, with more than 50,000 dead. The “Spirit of Çanakkale” has become a phrase commonly used phrase in Turkish language defining a spiritual power, which helps the human to “achieve the impossible.”